TS eBook and Product Set

$45.00 $54.99

This set includes: 
*The eBook (PDF File) Download for Instant Access
*1 bottle of the TS Hair Growth Oil


This is what you need to take you control of your hair's growth and health on your own.

The eBook is a step by step guide on how to Grow Long, Healthy and Beautiful Hair! For natural and relaxed hair. For women and children. Those wearing wigs, weaves, braids and twists. It doesn't matter your hair texture or how you wear you hair. The book outlines how to grow all textures!

The eBook is the How to- and the Hair Growth Product is what you need to use on your hair to start reaching your hair goals, preventing breakage, moisturizing the hair, preventing heat damage and to  take control of your hair's health. 


The easy instructions and knowledge of the eBook and the Amazing Hair Growth Product together is the exact two pieces you need on your hair journey! 

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