The Basic Hair Growth Package


For Natural or Relaxed Hair. Those wearing wigs, weaves, braids or twists. 
This  Package Includes: 
**One 15- Minute Hair Consultation 
**One- 30 Minute follow up, Hair Coaching via phone
(This includes personalized hair regimen and product recommendation depending on hair type, have all your hair questions answered) 
**Your Choice of Hard Cover Book or eBook 
***3 Months Supply of Hair Growth Oil!
Some women would like hands on guidance to something they have been struggling with or don't have much knowledge about. Which makes perfect sense! Talisha Berry has years of experience in growing and the health of both natural and relaxed hair, helping hundreds of women all over the world. From never being able to grow her hair longer than shoulder length and now obtains Tailbone Length Hair. It is truly amazing and she's excited to help you reach your hair goals on this journey!
This is for women:
 *Suffering from damage hair and breakage; who's trying to grow their hair out or back.
 *Having trouble and need help with their daughter's hair.
*Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural
*Those who need encouragement and guidance through their hair journey
*Those who want specific questions answered and hair solutions 

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